Mountain Goat Hunts – October 7-Day Hunt or December 5-Day Hunt - $25,000

Bordering the Wrangells St Elias Park is nearly all that needs to be mentioned when talking about the goats in Icy Bay. The Wrangell Mountains hold by far the largest population of Mountain Goats in the state of Alaska. Our mountain goat hunters can expect to encounter an extensive number of goats during their hunt. Goat hunts are conducted using UTV’s to access as close to the goats as possible. Once at the end of UTV access, hunters can expect to hike anywhere from one to several miles, mostly climbing. These are backpack style hunts from the time you leave the UTV. Goat country in Icy Bay can be ominous, so clients are asked to be prepared to tackle extreme mountain terrain. The potential to harvest 10”+ billies is eminent.