Alaska-Yukon Moose Hunting - 10-Day Hunt $41,000

Alaska-Yukon moose are the largest subspecies of moose in the world, and western Alaska has long been known to consistently produce exceptional trophies. Inhabiting the low-lying river bottoms and timbered foothills of the Alaska Range, DRO is positioned and equipped to access some of the best moose habitat in the state. Moose are a true sight to see on the ground, and a humbling experience for many.



Our season runs from the 1st – 20th of September, which corresponds to the beginning of the rut. We utilize comfortable tent-style drop camps accessed by airplane or ATV from our lodge. Mature bulls taken with DRO have a typical antler spread between 60” – 70” across with 4 – 6 brow tines common. As with the majority of the greater Yukon River drainage, our hunting area has historically produced bulls in excess of 75”.


Hunting method is by spot and stalk with much of the time spent glassing and calling as moose are very responsive to calls. Our guides are experienced at judging and calling moose, and knowledgeable in the terrain and habits of bulls. Hunters need to be in good physical shape for a moose hunt, as walking in the brush and swamp can be very physically demanding. DRO will provide a gear list to ensure you come fully prepared with the proper equipment and expectations to make your hunt successful and enjoyable.