Moose & Grizzly Combo – 10-Day Hunt $51,000

Alaska is home to both coastal brown bears and interior grizzlies, separated by the 62nd parallel for records keeping purposes, the two bears are differentiated primarily by physical features and geographic locality. Coastal brown bears are larger and found on the Alaska Peninsula and the islands of the Kodiak-Archipelago while the interior grizzly is smaller and inhabits the mountains and northern tundra. DRO hunts interior grizzly, the silvertip bear that is symbolic of true northern wilderness, and hunting this ultimate predator is a fleeting opportunity.


Our season runs from September 1st – May 31st allowing us to offer both spring and fall bear hunts. Typical bears harvested with DRO are 6’-8’ squared with long front claws and a beautiful blond color phase is common. We utilize comfortable tent-style drop camps accessed by airplane or ATV from our lodge.


Hunting method is spot and stalk with significant time spent glassing open hillsides, travel corridors, and utilizing moose carcasses as natural bait. DRO also offers grizzly in combination with other species, or as an opportunity-based trophy add-on to another hunt. Hunters need to be in good physical shape for a bear hunt, as walking in the brush and swamp can be very physically demanding. DRO will provide a gear list to ensure you come fully prepared with the proper equipment and expectations to make your hunt successful and enjoyable.