2018 GRIZZLY HUNTS • SPRING $7,500 • FALL $5,000

DRO is the place to come for interior Alaskan Grizzly bears. Grizzlies are an awesome trophy, and hunting the ultimate predator can be an unforgettable experience. DRO offers spring and fall hunts, which vary from each other greatly. Fortunately, unit 19 is a predator control unit, so bears can be baited. In the spring, the bears are very active and on the move. Hunters can expect to hunt bears over bait and by glassing/spot and stalk. Bears are very spread out in the spring, therefore hunts can require lots of hiking, and possibly spike camps. In the fall, grizzlies begin to travel the river bottoms and berry-covered hillsides in search of food to begin their pre-hibernation routines. During this season, bait piles and spot and stalk are effective. However, bears usually will not be on the high ridges like in the spring. Our team of guides all have bear experience and knowledge, and will make sure your dream of harvesting a grizzly is pursued with the utmost effort and vigilance.


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