Dillinger River Outfitters (DRO) is a big game hunting outfitter and guide service based in the Dillinger River drainage of the world-famous Alaska Range. Bordered on the east by Denali National Park, with over 3 million permitted acres to hunt, and nearly 100 miles from the nearest road, DRO is sure to exceed your expectations of true Alaskan wilderness.


Specializing in remote fly-in hunting, our knowledgeable guides and staff are passionate about the pursuit and determined to ensure you a safe and successful experience. DRO works to understand each client’s expectations and individual abilities and offer a personalized experience tailor-made to match. We understand the investment and trust you place in us, and take great pride in sharing with you the Alaskan adventure you have dreamt about.


Bob Graham

Bob grew up in Cedaredge, Colorado and has memories of hunting and trapping with his father as early as age 6. He attended Colorado State University where he studied Physical Education and Biology with aspirations of becoming a teacher and coach. An interest in aviation also led Bob to earn his Private Pilot Certificate in 1963, the same year he graduated from CSU. The construction of the Berlin Wall and escalating US involvement in Vietnam led Bob to enlist in the Military, which he made his career. He served 23 years as a commissioned officer in the US Army working in Aviation Maintenance and Logistics and flew UH-1 helicopters in Vietnam. He moved to Alaska when stationed at Fort Richardson, and after his retirement in 1985 chose to make Alaska his home. He began guiding in 1986 and continues to fly, logging over 3000 hours in Alaska in Cessna 180, Super Cub, and Maule M-7 aircrafts. Bob is a true international hunter, having hunted exotic species of game on nearly every continent, often multiple times. His signature hat, known as a Bavarian Jadt Hutte, is a traditional hunting garment he adopted while in Germany. Dall Sheep have long been his favorite pursuit, and his personal goal of recording 80 harvested rams before turning 80 years old has nearly been realized. Bob is an incredible source of local knowledge and experience, and the core of the DRO team. He is a father of 3, grandfather of 7, and great-grandfather of 8, and lives in Wasilla, AK with his wife.

Louis Chatin

Louis grew up in California, north of Los Angeles. He began hunting and fishing with his dad in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado and still owns the family cabin settled there over 100 years ago. He spent 30 years with the Los Angeles Fire Department, and when his Army National Guard unit activated, he deployed to serve in the Vietnam conflict from 1967-1968, before ultimately retiring from the LAFD in 1997. Louis came to Alaska on his first sheep hunt in 2000 and has returned every year since. In 2015, he completed his grand slam of North American wild sheep when he traveled to Mexico to hunt a Desert ram. Louis lives in northern Nevada where he and Alton enjoy chukar hunting over German shorthaired pointers with their grandkids.

Alton Anker

Alton was born and raised in rural northern Nevada. He grew up working with his dad, a decorated World War II veteran, who instilled in him a strong work ethic from a young age. At the age of 20 and with a single back-hoe tractor, Alton started a general engineering and road building company that he grew over 40 years to include 25 employees and 62 pieces of heavy equipment. He came to Alaska on his first sheep hunt in 2005 and has returned every year since. Alton considers himself fortunate to have been mentored by other long-time Alaskan sheep guides like Bob and Louis. He remains in northern Nevada near his grandkids and works as a full-time cattle rancher.

Aaron DeRose

From Alaska and Africa, to Kyrgyzstan and the mountains of Colorado, Aaron is an accomplished hunter and guide with 30 years of experience. Born in Colorado, Aaron grew up chasing primarily deer and elk. In his twenties, the road of life led to Africa, where he became a Professional Hunter and outfitted successfully there for 13 years. After returning to the states, he started a commercial coatings business, which he has grown into a successful company. His passion for hunting and desire to share that with clients led to DRO in 2018. He lives in Grand Junction, CO where he shares his knowledge and outdoor passion with his son.

Dayton Madison

Dayton was born and raised in northwest Colorado and grew up hunting and fishing with his dad, a Colorado Game Warden. He attended the University of Wyoming and has a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management. Dayton has been guiding deer and elk hunters in Colorado since 2008 and was a licensed outfitter in Wyoming, offering pronghorn antelope hunts, before moving to Alaska in 2014. He and Aaron began hunting and guiding together in 2009 when he traveled to Africa. He lives in Palmer, AK with his wife, and manages operations for DRO.

Jake Long

Jake was born and raised in northwest Oregon. His dad instilled in him at an early age a deep love for hunting and the outdoors. As soon as he was able to walk, he was hauling his Martin warthog bow around the woods honing his skills and by age 14, he had harvested elk, deer, and bear. Jake continues to hunt all over the West with bow, muzzle-loader, and rifle. In 2014 he found Alaska and now travels here several times a year to backpack, pack raft, fish, and hunt. He has been with DRO since the beginning sharing his passion for hunting and doing whatever it takes to help his clients be successful. He currently lives with his wife in Colorado where he works as a Firefighter/EMT and raises pack goats.

Daniel Graham

Daniel was born and raised in Alaska, growing up hunting and fishing in the Last Frontier. He harvested a caribou, his first big game animal, at age 7 and was hooked on everything Alaska had to offer. While he has hunted elsewhere in the world, he still prefers the mountains of Alaska where it all started. Daniel has been guiding hunters since 2013 and was a natural addition to the DRO team with his local knowledge and Alaska hunting experience. He lives in Wasilla, AK with his wife and 3 kids, where he owns a CrossFit gym and is a wrestling coach for the local school district.

Steve Chmura

Steve grew up hunting in Michigan and took his first deer at the age of 9. He was a business owner before becoming a nurse working in Emergency Rooms, Critical Care Units and Medevac. He moved to Alaska in 2008 and began hunting the more challenging species of moose, bear, sheep, and mountain goat, often solo. His love of hunting is accentuated by his passion for guiding others who may not have a chance to pursue these species otherwise. Steve founded Care2Go Sailing, a nonprofit organization providing medical and disaster relief in the South Pacific, with his significant other. His dedication to teaching and sharing honorable and ethical hunting makes his affiliation with DRO a pleasure he looks forward to every season