Dillinger River Outfitters (DRO) is a big game hunting outfitter and guide service based in the Dillinger River drainage of the world-famous Alaska Range. Bordered on the east by Denali National Park, with over 3 million permitted acres to hunt, and nearly 100 miles from the nearest road, DRO is sure to exceed your expectations of true Alaskan wilderness.


Specializing in remote fly-in hunting, our knowledgeable guides and staff are passionate about the pursuit and determined to ensure you a safe and successful experience. DRO works to understand each client’s expectations and individual abilities and offer a personalized experience tailor-made to match. We understand the investment and trust you place in us, and take great pride in sharing with you the Alaskan adventure you have dreamt about.


The Alaska Mental Health Trust program was established by the State of Alaska to channel revenues earned from lands deeded to the State by the federal government expressly for the benefit of Alaskans who experience mental illness. Throughout Alaska, there are many blocks of Mental Trust Land that are each exclusively managed through the Mental Health Trust program. Outfitters and commercial users must complete a rigorous application process to be accepted. Once accepted, a portion of profits are directly received by the Mental Health Trust program and distributed accordingly.


In 2020, Dillinger River Outfitters was presented an opportunity to partner with the State of Alaska through their Mental Health Trust Program to be signed as the single exclusive commercial guide service for the 77,000-acre Icy Bay MHT block. Dillinger excitingly accepted this opportunity as it is a positive for all parties involved, benefitting the state of Alaska, and offering clients of DRO the opportunity to pursue coastal brown bears, mountain goats, moose, and black bears.


Icy Bay is located nearly 200 miles south of Cordova, Alaska on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Nestled against the Wrangell Mountains, on the edge of the Wrangells St Elias National Park, this is as breathtaking of landscape as can be found on any of Alaska’s coastline. Having not being commercial hunted since 2007, being so remote, and bordering the untouched national park, DRO’s block in Icy Bay can provide our hunters with the opportunity to pursue unmolested game. We guarantee the same wild Alaskan experience clients have come to expect when booking with DRO.


Bob Graham

Bob grew up in Cedaredge, Colorado and has memories of hunting and trapping with his father as early as age 6. He attended Colorado State University where he studied Physical Education and Biology with aspirations of becoming a teacher and coach. An interest in aviation also led Bob to earn his Private Pilot Certificate in 1963, the same year he graduated from CSU. The construction of the Berlin Wall and escalating US involvement in Vietnam led Bob to enlist in the Military, which he made his career. He served 23 years as a commissioned officer in the US Army working in Aviation Maintenance and Logistics and flew UH-1 helicopters in Vietnam. He moved to Alaska when stationed at Fort Richardson, and after his retirement in 1985 chose to make Alaska his home. He began guiding in 1986 and continues to fly, logging over 3000 hours in Alaska in Cessna 180, Super Cub, and Maule M-7 aircrafts. Bob is a true international hunter, having hunted exotic species of game on nearly every continent, often multiple times. His signature hat, known as a Bavarian Jadt Hutte, is a traditional hunting garment he adopted while in Germany. Dall Sheep have long been his favorite pursuit, and his personal goal of recording 80 harvested rams before turning 80 years old has nearly been realized. Bob is an incredible source of local knowledge and experience, and the core of the DRO team. He is a father of 3, grandfather of 7, and great-grandfather of 8, and lives in Wasilla, AK with his wife.

Aaron DeRose

From Alaska and Africa, to Kyrgyzstan and the mountains of Colorado, Aaron is an accomplished hunter and guide with 30 years of experience. Born in Colorado, Aaron grew up chasing primarily deer and elk. In his twenties, the road of life led to Africa, where he became a Professional Hunter and outfitted successfully there for 13 years. After returning to the states, he started a commercial coatings business, which he has grown into a successful company. His passion for hunting and desire to share that with clients led to DRO in 2018. He lives in Grand Junction, CO where he shares his knowledge and outdoor passion with his son.

Jake Long

Jake was born and raised in northwest Oregon. His dad instilled in him at an early age a deep love for hunting and the outdoors. As soon as he was able to walk, he was hauling his Martin warthog bow around the woods honing his skills and by age 14, he had harvested elk, deer, and bear. Jake continues to hunt all over the West with bow, muzzle-loader, and rifle. In 2014 he found Alaska and now travels here several times a year to backpack, pack raft, fish, and hunt. He has been with DRO since the beginning sharing his passion for hunting and doing whatever it takes to help his clients be successful. He currently lives with his wife in Colorado where he works as a Firefighter/EMT and raises pack goats.

Daniel Graham

Daniel was born and raised in Alaska, growing up hunting and fishing in the Last Frontier. He harvested a caribou, his first big game animal, at age 7 and was hooked on everything Alaska had to offer. While he has hunted elsewhere in the world, he still prefers the mountains of Alaska where it all started. Daniel has been guiding hunters since 2013 and was a natural addition to the DRO team with his local knowledge and Alaska hunting experience. He lives in Wasilla, AK with his wife and 3 kids, where he owns a CrossFit gym and is a wrestling coach for the local school district.

Steve Chmura

Steve grew up hunting in Michigan and took his first deer at the age of 9. He was a business owner before becoming a nurse working in Emergency Rooms, Critical Care Units and Medevac. He moved to Alaska in 2008 and began hunting the more challenging species of moose, bear, sheep, and mountain goat, often solo. His love of hunting is accentuated by his passion for guiding others who may not have a chance to pursue these species otherwise. Steve founded Care2Go Sailing, a nonprofit organization providing medical and disaster relief in the South Pacific, with his significant other. His dedication to teaching and sharing honorable and ethical hunting makes his affiliation with DRO a pleasure he looks forward to every season

Andrew Weaver

Andrew grew up in Michigan and has always loved being out side. His Uncle Jim often took him fishing, hunting and trapping. One of his earliest memories at age 5, was bowhunting with him: “We were in a ladder stand. I was sitting on the platform with my feet on the ladder when two bucks came in. My heart was pounding! They did not offer a shot but the excitement and adrenaline rush I got from that started my passion for the outdoors and hunting.” At age 24 Andrew felt God calling him to be a hunting guide. After talking with local big game hunters, Alaska was recommended. Andrew started his guiding career in 2005 at Alaskan Adventures. Guide Rocky McElveen, laid the ground work on how to become a guide and how to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. After 4 seasons of working in Alaska and going back to Michigan in the off season, it was either quit guiding or move. Andrew felt God’s call again. He and his wife moved to Alaska in 2009. He now guide for several big game animals all around the state of Alaska. He enjoys the adventure of guiding and experiencing God’s creation. Every hunt tells its own story. Andrew enjoys working though each challenge to get every client an opportunity to harvest their desired animal. He is also a pilot and enjoy flying his super cub for hunts and for recreation. Andrew lives in Palmer, Alaska with his wife and 4 kids. In the off season he works full time as an IA aircraft mechanic.

Garrett Gillespie

Raised in western CO, Garrett has held a passion for the outdoors since a very young age. Garrett cut his teeth hunting with his dad and brother in Colorado and has since hunted all over the western United States in pursuit of various big game. Garrett came to DRO in 2018 and has since fallen in love with assisting clients in pursuing the Alaskan trophies of their dreams. Garrett is a very hardworking and passionate guide, who genuinely enjoys seeing clients pull the trigger as much as if it were himself. When Garrett is not in Alaska he works for Aaron as a project manager at Aaron’s coatings company. On the weekends you will find Garrett hunting big game, following his pack of hound dogs, or twisting a throttle on his dirt bike. Garrett shares his passion for the outdoors with his wife, Jennis.

Taylor Lueck

Taylor was born and raised in Wisconsin. He started hunting Whitetail and Turkey at the age of 7. In college, he spent every weekend ducking hunting the Mississippi River. His first big game hunt was a solo late season Idaho Elk tag where he successfully harvested his first Elk. In 2017, Taylor was offered an engineering position with a remote Alaskan Fish Hatchery. After convincing his wife to uproot, they checked their first two Alaska hunts off, Black Tail and Black Bear. Taylor feels most at home in the mountains. He lives in Wasilla, Alaska with his wife and son. Taylor’s day job is an engineer for a large construction firm operating throughout the state of Alaska. He started with DRO in 2019 as a packer. Taylor aspires to be a private pilot and is fulfilling his dream of guiding clients on their dream hunts with DRO.

Jordan Whatley

Jordan grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado where he developed his love for hunting from his dad. He is an avid archery hunter and enjoys the challenge of getting close. He guides big game in Alaska, Colorado, and Texas for a majority of the year but travels to Hawaii in the offseason where he works as a carpenter. Jordan has been with Dillinger River Outfitters since the beginning and believes sharing the remote wilderness of Alaska with his clients is the ultimate adventure.

Sean Powell

Sean Powell joined the Dillinger River team in 2019 and brings a wealth of outdoor knowledge, plus a wide and varying skill set that helps to ensure DRO clients have the hunt of a lifetime. On top of a positive attitude, Sean brings a strong work ethic and an eagerness to learn. Around the lodge, you will find Sean working as a packer, occasional cook, and as Dillinger Rivers own in-house Photographer and Videographer. In the off-season, you can find Sean working for his own small media company, hunting big game around the west, and chasing waves across the Pacific Ocean with his surfboard.

TJ Sanchez

Tj Sanchez started working for Dillinger River in 2020 after having hunted there in 2018, and 2019. He has been friends with Aaron for close to 20 years. After his family business sold in 2019 it was a perfect time to pursue a job in the industry he loves. TJ brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hunting and what it means to be on the client side of things. He has hunted on 6 continents and brings a great perspective to the team. Tj runs logistics from the lodge, is a packer, and will be guiding a few hunts every year in the future. His willingness to do anything to help clients not only be successful but have a great adventure is contagious. He always says “I’ve got to live my hunting dreams now it’s time for me to help people achieve theirs.” In the off-season you will find TJ spending time with his Wife and 2 kids, working the booth at hunting shows and concentrating on his other hunting related businesses.

BJ Clinton

BJ grew up in Oklahoma and has been hunting for as long as he can remember – first with a bow shooting squirrels and rabbits and later deer, turkey, ducks, and geese. After completing culinary school, he returned to Oklahoma and worked as a waterfowl guide for over ten years. In 2014, he moved to Alaska with his wife and daughter and fell in love with the abundance of hunting and fishing here. He has traveled Alaska hunting sheep, moose, bear, caribou, goat, and musk ox. BJ loves meeting new people and helping his clients accomplish their dream hunts (and being camp chef too!). When he is not guiding, BJ works as a land man in the oil and gas field. He spends his free time fishing, hiking, camping, and skiing with his family.

Grant Gillespie

The pursuit of wild animals has been Grants main passion since the day he could walk. Growing up in Colorado, he spent his childhood hunting, fishing, trapping, and running around on anything with a motor. From Coues deer in Mexico, to Dall sheep in the Alaska Range, there isn’t an animal he doesn’t like chasing! He enjoys nothing more than helping others succeed and capitalize on their life long dreams. Grant has been with DRO from day one and appreciates working with the team that surrounds him. Aside from guiding, he manages Viking Armament where he spends his time building custom rifles for the hunting and shooting community. Grant lives in Grand Junction, CO with his high school sweetheart and two wound up Terriers. He will be sure to give his all to see that each client receives a true Alaskan experience and takes home a trophy of a lifetime!

Tyler Pratt

Tyler was brought up following his dad around the mountains of Colorado checking bobcat traps and learning the ways of hunting. His hunting career has escalated over the years to something he truly lives for. After taking a handful of great animals across North America, he enjoys the challenge of helping clients take great animals of their own. Aside from hunting he works in the oilfield and is very dedicated to his career. In the off season he is either spending time with his girlfriend Taylor or looking for the next adventure on his SxS. He is one of the most hard working individuals you will come across, and will do his best to help clients achieve their Goals.

Peter Barela

Peter Barela, was an avid bowhunter growing up in Colorado. He was looking for more adventure so he moved to Alaska in 1990. He started working for guides/outfitters in 1993 and has continued to this day. Once he gained enough knowledge and experience learning about the unique individual pockets of ecosystems that harbor the different huntable species and vast unforgiving terrain in the Alaskan wilderness. Pete started his own Outfitting business in 2007. Which he ran for many years. He now works full time for DRO and joined the team in 2019. He has been blessed with nine wonderfully talented children and has learned through them that life is a continual process of learning and growth. Peter is excited and looking forward to Combining his experience, talent, knowledge with Dillinger River Outfitters and all they have to offer the hunting community. This is going to be an incredible new adventure that will benefit our clients in a unique positive way. Becoming one with another will only magnify what we can offer to you. We will continue to offer an opportunity to experience the full richness Alaska has to offer.